Giving Back

As a small family run business,  we recognize the commitment for local community involvement. We proudly donate to a variety of community-based events and corporate initiatives that align with our values and goals

We know that each and every request we receive supports a wonderful cause and we are honoured to be included in so many great initiatives. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive each year, we have developed a list of eligibility criteria.

We are most likely to support requests that:

  • Focus on children and youth in need
  • Support feeding less fortunate persons
  • Foster community growth that benefits families and children in our store communities in Strathcona and Kitsilano
  • Support food and cooking

We do not support requests that are:

  • Requested on short notice
  • Fundraising for individuals or for profit businesses
  • Outside of the Vancouver lower mainland
  • Political organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate

Unfortunately we are unable to support organizations such as sports teams due to the sheer number of requests we receive.  We believe it would be unfair to support one person or team and not the other.

Important: We will not accept any applications made in person or over the phone

To help us make a decision regarding your charitable event, please fill out the charitable donation request application.  We can then review your application and make a decision.

Decision Process

We meet monthly to review all donation requests. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Organizations are limited to one donation per calendar year.

We wish to thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines and using our forms.  Due to the large volume of requests we receive, it helps us to process them more efficiently and fairly.


Allison Spurrell