Frozen Meals

Simple, well prepared meals to help you survive the week.

Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-heat meals, without compromising on quality.

At les amis du FROMAGE, we’re not only passionate about cheese, we love cooking too. We opened our doors as an independent catering company over 25 years ago, and we’re still cooking the food we love today.  We think you’ll notice the quality difference in our soups and entrees. They keep for several months, and are effortless to heat.

All of our recipes are made in small batches by hand at our East Vancouver store. We only buy great ingredients, the kind we would serve at home to our family.

  • Locally sourced vegetables
  • Maple Hill Farms chicken, free run and humanely raised without medication or antibiotics
  • Blue Goose certified organic beef
  • Pemberton lamb
  • Fraser Valley pork
  • Real butter, whole milk and cream
  • Home-made, slow-cooked stocks and broths

We want you to feel happy to serve and eat our food in the comfort of your own home.

Chef, Joe Chaput

* Please note that while most of our items do not include nuts, they are made in an environment where nuts are used