Bakery Pop-Up

Ritchie’s Bakery

When: The 1st / 3rd Saturday of every month – 11am to 5pm

Dec/Jan Dates: June 15 / Jul 6 (Last Pop-Up for Ritchie’s Bakery)

Guest: Ritchie’s Bakery

Where: East Van LADF: 843 East Hastings

“At Ritchie’s Bakery, our focus is artisanal breads and pastries, handcrafted in small batches. Our sourdough breads are naturally leavened using our own starter; fermented slowly to promote flavour, nutrition, and digestibility. We use flour and grains that are organic and Canadian grown; and most flour is locally milled.  We choose products that are in season and grown locally, when available and buy from small, family-owned suppliers whenever possible.”

Bakery Pop-up 2019