Back in Stock: L’Oulibo Olive Oil

We just received a fresh shipment of L’Oulibo olive oil from the south of France. The region has recently been renamed Occitanie, which combines Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees.

The L’Oulibo Cooperative was founded in 1942. It is currently the only olive cooperative in the Aude department. After the frosts in 1956 that devastated French olive-growing, L’Oulibo kept alive the tradition of olive production in Aude. With almost 1000 members, the olives come from three French departments: Aude, Hérault and Pyrénées Orientales.

Lucques – This single varietal olive oil has a long finish. With complex aromas of dried fruit, almond and hazelnut, there is a hint of green fruitiness. Used in all your hot dishes, pasta, mash, fish, steamed vegetables

Traditional Blend – This is a very young olive oil, freshly pressed directly from the olives and only by mechanical processes. The olives are harvested black from November then they are pressed to obtain a 100% pure fruit juice and 100% natural nectar. It is an oil of character, fiery and full of aroma.

Cuvee Prestige – A harmonious blend of three varieties of ancestral olives (Lucques, Olivière and Picholine). Meticulously blended with the greatest respect for the tradition and the know-how of their mill, this olive oil is produced with freshly picked olives.

Cuvee Belle Epoque – The cuvée La Belle Epoque is a blend of several varieties of olives that have been lightly fermented before crushing. This allows the oil to develop intense and long aromas on the palate of undergrowth and mushrooms, truffle and chocolate.