Cabriz Olive Oil SALE

Cabriz extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from Portugal is now on SALE at les amis du FROMAGE

Cabriz Winery is based in the Demarcated Region of Dão, located in Beira Alta in the north and center of Portugal and is protected from the wind by four mountain ranges: Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco and Estrela. Primarily a wine company, a small amount of olive oil is bottled. We’re lucky to have an exclusive supply at les amis du FROMAGE.

Buy One – $14.99 ea

Buy Two – $13.99 ea

Buy Three – $12.99 ea

Origin: Beria Alta, Portugal

Varietals: Galega, Cobrancosa

Tasting Notes : Intense aroma with medium fruit. Hints of green tomato. In the mouth it’s spicy, with bitter notes, but the main characteristic is the fruity sweetness that is noticeable in the persistent aftertaste.