Cheese Wedding Cakes

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What is a cheese wedding cake?

It’s not a cheesecake. It consists of several cheeses arranged one above the other in the same way that the tiers of a traditional wedding cake are arranged. To make it look like a traditional cake, round cheeses of varying diameters are used.

Why Cheese?

Some people simply do not like traditional fruit cakes, marzipan, chocolate, icing, or any of the ingredients of a traditional cake. These cakes are suitable for anyone who would prefer a savoury cake or who would like a cheese course at their wedding in addition to the usual type of cake.

How much cheese do I need?

We usually recommend 100 grams of cheese per person if cheese is the last course. If you are also serving dessert, then perhaps 50 grams of cheese per person.

Meet our cheese specialist Karen. She’s thought long and hard about how to best help you choose cheeses for a wedding celebration.

Please make an appointment with Karen rather than walk-in calls.

Please Note: We prefer to have cheese wedding cakes booked at least two months in advance to best guarantee availability.