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  • Celebrating our 150th with Cheese

    By Allison Spurrell.

    I know Canada Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re done celebrating the great things about our country in this auspicious year.

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  • Agropur 75

    agropurAllison Spurrell talks about a special cheese only made a few times a year

    Quebec has a long and formidable history of cheese making that has the rest of the country working full out to catch up.

    Despite a long legacy of production and cheese styles, Quebec cheesemakers are not just sitting around idlely watching while the rapidly expanding repertoire of cheeses from the rest of the country takes over the market. They are working away in small and large dairies, developing new cheeses for an ever hungrier Canadian public.

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    Article by Allison Spurrell

    Photo – Joe Chaput

  • Abbaye de Tamie

    IMG_1024By Allison Spurrell

    Made by monks since 1133

    I thought I would write about one of my favourite cheeses. Abbaye de Tamié is a medium-textured washed rind cheese, which is a typical style of the Trappist cheeses made throughout Europe. This cheese is anything but typical though. The Abbaye Notre-Dame de Tamié is located in the mountainous Savoie area on the eastern edge of France. The Cistercian monks who live there are part of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (also known as Trappists). They consider themselves a “contemplative order” and they spend much of their day praying, worshipping and working, much of it in quiet…

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