• Grey Owl

    grew owlThe most perfect looking wheels of Grey Owl arrived today. Grey Owl is made by Fromagerie le Detour in Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Quebec. Easily recognizable by it’s distinctive ash covered rind, this goats milk cheese is made with pasteurized milk and vegetarian rennet. It’s a truly top-notch Canadian Cheese.

    It is named after revolutionary conservationist Archibald Belaney, fondly known as Grey Owl for his fascination with Native American culture.

    It can be yours for only $5.50 per 100/gr

  • We’re upgrading our website

    Hello everyone. We’re giving our website a long overdue overhaul and general tidy-up. We have the basics up and running like info on cheese platters, events and contact info.

    The new website will have better information on platters, events, other products. There are clear links to twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the top of the page. We’re even going to incorporate some blog posts into the site.

    Thanks for your patience