• Lobster Bisque

    lobster_560x375We’ve added a new feature to our roster of frozen soups, a classic, old-school lobster bisque. We started off with fish stock using halibut bones sourced from Finest at Sea. Then we simmered that with a little more mirpoix and lobster shells from The Lobster Man. We finished this base off with a few more ingredients, including some dark roux, whipping cream, brandy, tomato and seasoning.

    Use it as a soup/fish course for your next dinner party. We recommend you serve it on its own, or garnish it with a little bit of cooked lobster meat as a garnish.

    $22 / 625ml (approximately 3 cups)

  • BEYOND CHEDDAR | On Le Canotier De l’Isle

    Check out Ashely’s new post on Scout Magazine

  • Balsamic Raffle – Support the St. James Music Academy

    We’re raffling off a 50 year old Mussini “I’Il Privilegio” Balsamic Vinegar to support the St. James Music Academy. The Mussini family have been dedicated to making traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena since 1909.

    Valued at $350, The 50 year old balsamic vinegar is on display at the East Vancouver location of les amis du FROMAGE. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at the East Vancouver location of les amis du FROMAGE. One winner will be drawn on February 14, 2015. 100% of the proceeds will go to the St. James Music Academy.

    The Saint James Music Academy supports inner-city children who have limited or no access to quality music education. We think that’s great. We hope you do to.


  • Farm Made Boerenkaas

    Yes folks, after a lengthy hiatus, it’s back in stock. This 60kg wheel of Dutch cheesey awesomeness doesn’t come with a fancy story. But we do know it won’t be around for a long time.
    $3.99/100 gr


  • New from the kitchen

    We’ve added a new feature soup to our menu. Butternut Squash with Winter Herbs is healthy, delicious, dairy free and gluten free. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Grey Owl

    grew owlThe most perfect looking wheels of Grey Owl arrived today. Grey Owl is made by Fromagerie le Detour in Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Quebec. Easily recognizable by it’s distinctive ash covered rind, this goats milk cheese is made with pasteurized milk and vegetarian rennet. It’s a truly top-notch Canadian Cheese.

    It is named after revolutionary conservationist Archibald Belaney, fondly known as Grey Owl for his fascination with Native American culture.

    It can be yours for only $5.50 per 100/gr