Bakery Pop-Up

Upcoming Dates

Lakehouse Foods

When: May 19 / Noon to 5pm

Guest: Lakehouse Foods

Where: East Van LADF: 843 East Hastings

Description: Our business started in our home on the edge of Trout Lake Park. We would make the kinds of food we loved to eat, and would vend it to folks in the neighbourhood from our lane-way studio. Thankfully those folks also loved to eat the things we were making, so we’ve been following our dream ever since. We see that bread can be a great dietary pillar; a bread oven has the potential to bring people together, and keep them well. As we slowly grow our business we let these principles guide us. At Lakehouse Foods we want you to come face-to-face with the people who are making the things you eat, in hopes of empowering you to better understand your food. We have great respect for the importance and complexity of food and it’s our goal to support you in nourishing yourself. The more we, as producers, can expose processes and share knowledge, the easier it is for you to make food choices that will leave you feeling healthy and strong. We appreciate the chance to share our knowledge and our food with you.

Two Bald Bakers

When: April 28 / Noon to 5pm

Guest: Two Bald Bakers

Where: East Van LADF: 843 East Hastings

Description: Two Bold Bakers, specializes in ancient grain baking. We provide unique bread and pastry made out of locally sourced ingredients, with the mission to connect people with food through the craft of baking.

Two Bald Bakers was established in 2017 by Noam Dagan and Mendi Yuda. We wanted to create a seed to loaf bakery, which means we only use 100% traceable grains that we mill fresh on site. This way, we are hoping to rebuild the lost relationship between consumers and the farmers who grow the food we eat.
Our products include artisan breads and sandwich loaves, cookies, pastries, cakes and more.
All the breads offered are vegan as we believe in a simple clean ingredient list – flour, water, salt and time.

Previous Bakery Pop-Ups

When: March 24 / Noon to 5pm

Guest: Amir Doroudian

Where: East Van LADF: 843 East Hastings

Description: My name is Amir and I bake naturally leavened bread, aka sourdough bread. I’m also doing my PhD in Educational Technology. I’m a nerd and bread is my obsession — both its science and practice. For me, bread baking is magical. I’m fascinated by what you can do with only three ingredients: flour, water, salt. I have been reading whatever books I could put my hands on about sourdough bread and I have been experimenting with various techniques, grains, and recipes to get the best bread structure and taste. Essentially, what I have learned is that good bread is defined by five main characteristics: freshly milled grain, wild yeast, fully hydrated grains, long fermentation, and a bold bake. It has been my goal to bake bread with all those characteristics. My products includes pain de campagne, whole-wheat rustic, roasted garlic and rosemary, pain au Gruyere, olive bread, and more.

We’re looking for a few good bakers to hold some pop-up shops at our East Vancouver location of LADF. Is your bread and/or are your baked goods good enough to draw a crowd? Would you like to test the waters with a pop-up shop? Give us a shout.

Who do I contact to find out more?

Joe Chaput / 604-253-4218