• Celebrating our 150th with Cheese

    By Allison Spurrell.

    I know Canada Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re done celebrating the great things about our country in this auspicious year.

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  • 72 Hours in Vancouver

    Check out this recent post by Matthew Greenspan for Flightnetwork.com. We’re mentioned along some great company and places to visit if you’re coming to Vancouver for a short stop.


  • Maple Hill Farms Chicken

    We’re making the transition to Maple Hill Farms chicken in all of our prepared foods. You often see it on the menus of Vancouver’s finest restaurants and hotels.  It’s the kind of chicken we like to cook with at home, so we can’t think of a better reason to serve it to you.

    Raised medication free, given plenty of natural light and room to move freely. They are fed vegetable based rations which contain no growth hormones, and are 100% free of animal by-products.

    Look for it in the following menu items

    • Chicken stock
    • Chicken bone broth
    • Chicken noodle soup
    • Chicken & chorizo corn chowder
    • French onion soup
    • Mulligatawny soup
    • Braised chicken breast with mushrooms and mustard & white wine sauce
    • Thai chicken curry
    • Coq au Vin

    We also stock uncooked chicken in the freezer section of our Eastvan Store

    • Chicken breast – boneless/skinless
    • Chicken leg – boneless/skinless
  • SPUD Brown Bag – July 01-15, 2016

    spud brown bag“Cheese your own adventure this summer!”

    • 14 Arpents – is a soft washed rind cheese from Quebec. One of our favourites!
    • Germin Tilsit–is a full fat firm cheese from Germany. Yummy on a picnic
    • Asiago Mezzano- is a DOP designated cheese from the north of Italy, this version aged 9 months.
    • Brillat Savarin– this is a fresh, tangy triple cream from Burgundy
    • Old Country Style Gouda –  is a full flavoured hard cheese from the Netherland

    Order at SPUD.ca

  • Agropur 75

    agropurAllison Spurrell talks about a special cheese only made a few times a year

    Quebec has a long and formidable history of cheese making that has the rest of the country working full out to catch up.

    Despite a long legacy of production and cheese styles, Quebec cheesemakers are not just sitting around idlely watching while the rapidly expanding repertoire of cheeses from the rest of the country takes over the market. They are working away in small and large dairies, developing new cheeses for an ever hungrier Canadian public.

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    Article by Allison Spurrell

    Photo – Joe Chaput

  • La fête Nationale – June 24 SALE

    Quebec Cheese Sale: Friday June 24

    Come and celebrate Quebec with a 15% OFF sale!

    All Quebec cheeses will be on sale, one day only… 15% OFF

    Sale limited to stock on hand. No rain cheques.